Axelson Tactical – Gun Cleaning Kit Review – Pt 2


Axelson Tactical recently provided me a number of their new products to test and review. I did a full cleaning using their kit and products. You can read part 1 of the review for my initial impressions.  This review will focus on the Seal 1 performance and second cleaning with the Field Weapon Maintenance Kit.

After the initial cleaning described in part 1, I took my guns to the range and gave them quite a beating. I attended a Military Combat Handgun Class hosted in the Nevada desert. It was a hot, dry day, filled with wind and tons of gritty sand. My magazines and guns landed in piles of sand, over and over throughout the day.  Two guns, six magazines and nearly 500 rounds in one afternoon – it was a busy day.

Time to Clean

I was dreading the extensive cleaning process that would ensue. These pictures speak for themselves.  What a mess!

IMG_4522 IMG_4527 IMG_4520 IMG_4526IMG_4533 IMG_4534  IMG_4528

Seal 1 Performance

As you can see, there was sand and grit in every part of the gun.  The good news is, I never had a single malfunction related to the grit.  Seal 1 performed like a champ.  Lubrication was never an issue during the class.


Looking at the mess you can see there was a ton of cleaning to be done.  I used the Axelson Field Weapon Cleaning Kit and Seal 1, only this time I used the Seal 1 aerosol as well. I needed a little extra oil penetration and aerosol pressure to clean grit out of the internals. One thing that would have been helpful is a straw to direct the aerosol (think WD-40 red straw).  Without it things got a bit messy with over-spray. Looking at the nozzle, you couldn’t even use a borrowed straw from another product.

IMG_4531 IMG_4532

The nylon brush in the kit was very helpful in accessing those hard to reach places and as you can see, everything cleaned up nicely.

IMG_4537 IMG_4536 IMG_4539 IMG_4519


Overall, it was a standard (if not totally tedious) cleaning.  All the carbon wiped off easily and there was no gunky build-up from Seal 1 CLP.

I remain a fan of both products and they have become a regular member of my range kit.  I am also a fan of Axelson Tactical’s customer service.  After reading part 1 of my review, they responded and said they took my suggestions under advisement and are looking into ways to improve.

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