2-Day Hands-On Wilderness Survival Course

Taught by Active-Duty Marine Corps Survival Instructor
Mark D’Ambrosio currently instructs Marine Scout Snipers, Army Snipers, Army Rangers, Army Special Forces, Navy Seals, State and Federal Law Enforcement

This class is an overnight on-site course. It is entirely hands-on and has no “classroom” time.

Course Overview:2-Day Wilderness Survival Course
– Mental & Physical Aspects of Survival
– Survival Kit Essentials
– Finding & Purifying Water
– Signaling for Rescue
– Modern & Primitive Fire Techniques
– Building Shelters
– Traps, Snares, Fishing, Foraging
– Wilderness Medicine
– Tools & Weapons

Materials Required:
– 50ft of Para-cord / 550 cord
– Fixed Blade Knife
– Multi-Tool
– Metal Water Bottle (No insulation)
– Camera Optional
– Sleeping Bag Optional (Recommended)
– Note taking materials

Location: Private location in Northern California
Cost: $350 per person

Note: This course is designed to teach students the aspects of survival and bush-craft skills necessary to sustain life with minimal supplies. Students will be building their own shelters, staying overnight in them and practicing various techniques taught. Food will be provided.

2-Day Long Range Rifle Shooting & Hunting Course

Taught by Active-Duty Marine Corps Mountain High Angle Sniper Instructor: Mark D’Ambrosio

Students do not need expensive or high-end rifles for this course. This class will help you discover and maximize the capabilities of your rifle.

Long Range Shooting Hunting FlierCourse Overview:
– Marksmanship & Ballistics
– Effects of weather & wind
– Angle Shooting
– Alternate positions
– Tracking, concealment, stalking, observing
– 1 day classroom / 1 day range

Materials Required:
– Note taking materials
– Spotting Scope or Binoculars
– Rifle & Sling
– Ear & Eye Protection
– Tools to adjust scopes
– Rifle with Optic (6 power minimum)
– Cleaning Supplies
– 200 Rounds of Ammunition

Day 1: Bullseye Nevada, 1267 Highway 395 S. Suite H, Gardnerville, NV
Day 2: Range – On-Site Camping Available
Cost: $400 per person